Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Bellevue SEO Consulting Necessary for Local Businesses to Succeed

Hiring internet marketing professionals for SEO consulting around Bellevue and nearby areas can help assure that you’re on a level playing field with your bigger competitors. Large companies may have the budget for a team of marketing and IT support, but local smaller businesses may still compete and get to the edge of the game with an independent and dedicated SEO analyst to design and implement a top-notch SEO marketing approach for your goals of brand recognition and company online visibility. A professional SEO consultant can help you analyze your company’s web analytics data and show you the tools to measure the progress of every SEO campaign that was launched. Such data as keyword traffic trends, time spent on the site by visitors, and proper referral links are just a few of the assessment tools your SEO consultant will look into to formulate the pertinent strategies—what keywords to use and the type of content to focus on, among others—to launch a successful campaign.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Effective Social Media Marketing For Seattle Businesses Key to Profits

Social media marketing for Seattle businesses can help boost a company’s brand exposure, regardless of company type or size. Increased exposure inevitably piques the target market about the products and services a company offers, and interest prompts traffic. High website traffic more often than not, inescapably leads to high sales and profits. The key, experts recommend, is to choose the right platform from which to mount your campaigns. A business marketing project runs on a budget and focusing on one or two social media venues is better than spreading yourself thin on all of them. Olivia Spinelli, writing for Business2Community.com, illustrates how some platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram,